The Ride

Spoken Word- Centennial Audition “The Ride” Hi. There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you/ But before I ask you, I’m going to dive into the inner workings of your mind, And compare them to mine/ Now I get it, we do things differently/ We have different morals, values and priorities/ We have different definitions … Continue reading The Ride

Why We are Here

So this was my very first spoken word poem attempt. My church held a speech contest among the congregations in Southern California and the winner had the opportunity to speak at the high school recognition night reception. I know this is another religion poem, but I hope you all enjoy. I found it hard to … Continue reading Why We are Here

Upon the Dimly Lit Road

Earlier this year marked my church congregation's 10th year anniversary. Three very talented and passionate brethren, along with myself, wrote a spoken word poem that revealed our spirituality, displayed our sincerity and expressed our dignity. Hope you enjoy! Upon the Dimly Lit Road “the instruction or improvement of a person morally or intellectually”/ synonym: enlightenment/ … Continue reading Upon the Dimly Lit Road