Upon the Dimly Lit Road

Earlier this year marked my church congregation’s 10th year anniversary. Three very talented and passionate brethren, along with myself, wrote a spoken word poem that revealed our spirituality, displayed our sincerity and expressed our dignity. Hope you enjoy!

Upon the Dimly Lit Road

“the instruction or improvement of a person morally or intellectually”/
synonym: enlightenment/
Isn’t that what He wants to do? Enlighten us?/
Instruct us to live a life morally?/
Improve our ways spiritually?/

Lemme tell u exactly what this church
means to me/
I dedicate myself to My Father, can’t u see/
He’s my love, he’s my faith n one day hopefully/
I find myself walking with him in the holy city/
Meanwhile we still living on this earth/
As fruits of his work, from the reemergence of the church/
And it’s our solemn duty to spread his holy word/
To those who haven’t seen, haven’t felt n haven’t heard/
Started in the East making it’s way to the West/
Facing hardships n overcoming hindrances/
From our humble beginnings, small and so meek, his truth we seek/
Our faith is strong, never once weak,our futures is not bleak/
Heed to the theme of the church administration, as one nation/
Be unified, intensified edification/

You see we need the love to keep us together/
Although the Mayans were wrong, shootings, fraud and greed have left this world severed, despite the inclement weather/
It’s no wonder our Lord God has us BAND TOGETHER/
No wonder he created INCGIVING to give back to our surroundings/
He gives us AID TO HUMANITY to heal the horrible tragedies/
He gives us MEDIA and MUSIC to let us communicate/
We let Him use our bodies and tongues to let his true words RESONATE/

Some of us come here to attend a university/
Trying to get a college degree/
We come here with a suitcase full of dreams/
And heart full of excitement and anxiety/
Studying hard to receive a good education/
But we’ve learned so much more like dedication/
To our duties and our membership where we have found our salvation/
But over the four or five years that pass/
We have made relationships that last/
We come here to get a college degree/
But we come out with a family/
They say its hard to be far away from home, from your parents and brothers and sisters/
But we become brothers and sisters and find family in each other/
Because no matter what happens in our lives, we know that we are in it together/

The theme of this year is Edification/

Why do we speak against our brethren/
We use our tongues not to spread love but to spread judgement/
When our only ambition is to boost our own reputation/
How we could do this and call ourselves Christian/
Hey I’m not here to preach, I’ll let ka Dexter teach the lessons/
See attacking any of you for committing sin is not at all our intention/
Because even we fall short of his expectations/
But how could we live morally if we let hatred hinder our vision?/
Because hatred equals division/
You see that the devil is trying to create a divide/
Because the devil knows we’re weak when we are not on God’s side?/
Because the devil knows that when there are barriers, it’s easier to take us down one by one/
Like a building with no support, it leads us to destruction/
That’s why unity can counter any persecution/
Like when soldiers form a unit, they fight with strength in unison/

Synonym: enlightenment, isn’t that what he wants to do?/
Instruct us to live a life morally?/
to change our old wicked ways/
Improve our ways spiritually?/
to never go astray and staying strong to finish our race/

– Written and performed by : Jennifer Madamba, Aldrin Tolentino, Tristan De Mesa and yours truly

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