Above the Ship Wreck

My favorite poet, Sarah Kay and her poem "Ghost Ship" from her latest book No Matter the Wreckage had inspired me to express how I deal with the "ship wrecks" of my life. Her witty lines and illustrative lyrics encouraged me to share how my spirituality and religious beliefs give me the superhuman energy to … Continue reading Above the Ship Wreck

The Ride

Spoken Word- Centennial Audition “The Ride” Hi. There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you/ But before I ask you, I’m going to dive into the inner workings of your mind, And compare them to mine/ Now I get it, we do things differently/ We have different morals, values and priorities/ We have different definitions … Continue reading The Ride

The Pursuit of Balance

"What is your most desirable ambition in life?" I feel that the most common answer would be, "to be successful." But as society continues to let wealth and money dictate the measurement of success, everyone has different ways of achieving, let alone, defining it. But when asked the question again, how many times have you … Continue reading The Pursuit of Balance

Upon the Dimly Lit Road

Earlier this year marked my church congregation's 10th year anniversary. Three very talented and passionate brethren, along with myself, wrote a spoken word poem that revealed our spirituality, displayed our sincerity and expressed our dignity. Hope you enjoy! Upon the Dimly Lit Road “the instruction or improvement of a person morally or intellectually”/ synonym: enlightenment/ … Continue reading Upon the Dimly Lit Road