The Ride

Spoken Word- Centennial Audition
“The Ride”


There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you/

But before I ask you, I’m going to dive into the inner workings of your mind, And compare them to mine/

Now I get it, we do things differently/
We have different morals, values and priorities/
We have different definitions of life, because we took different paths in this society/
But if you were to drive down my lane, this is what I think you’d imagine/
You’d say, “If there is a God, why is humanity at the mercy of the Devil’s finger tips”/
With the Devil pulling the strings of our minds to act out corruption, greed and vanity/
Instead of peace, the world breeds insanity/
He shakes us like a snow globe, erupting every single type of calamity/
Sickness/ With each diagnosis, we are swallowed up by the monster of pain, suffering and weakness/
Some are forced to carry the burden of abnormalities/
Just as this world is inflicted with the artificial construct of beauty/
With every ism, trapping each body in this prison/
The cell mates are named racism and terrorism/

But I ask you, to drive down my lane again, but this time with the windows down/
So you can eliminate the barrier preventing you from feeling the gust of pure, crisp, and surprising truth/
So you can fly your arm and wave out all the nonsensical things that make up this insensible universe we call our “home”/
See that those bumps in the road, they are just to prepare you/
To prepare you for the gigantic hill that only holds a place that could only be described as incorruptible, flawless and beautiful/
Because things that come easy won’t last and the things that last won’t come easy/
It’s like that so that everything we do in this life has meaning/
So I’ll tell you that my lane is heading straight for that direction/
Passing all those signs we saw before leading to self-destruction/
This one-way bus has the destination sign blinking “hope” and it will take pit stops to “peace” and “reason”/
Because believing in something greater than yourself gives hope to the helpless, peace to chaos and reason to uncertainty/
I know it’s crazy of me to ask you to take that leap of faith if you don’t even know where you’re going to fall/
But what if I told you, no matter how high you jump or how far you’ll launch yourself, the destination that I’m heading towards will always give you a safe landing pad/
And don’t worry, I won’t tell you “it’s my way or the highway”/
Because in all honesty, all I want do, is offer you a ride/







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