Why We are Here

So this was my very first spoken word poem attempt. My church held a speech contest among the congregations in Southern California and the winner had the opportunity to speak at the high school recognition night reception. I know this is another religion poem, but I hope you all enjoy. I found it hard to dig up the pure, raw emotion that helps a spoken word poem find meaning. So to all the poets and spoken word lyricists out there, I give you props. It’s hard exposing words that tend to hide deep inside us, yet alone imposing those exact words upon total strangers. I know the topic of religion is even more risky to convey because it’s a topic that sometimes isn’t ready to be shared socially. But again, I hope you enjoy and just appreciate the thoughts and expressions of a young dreamer.

2009 High School Graduate Recognition Night Speech Contest Winner

The path is narrow, the point is turning

“Knowledge” speaks out, but faith is learning

Like “Eastern Light” it travels burning

Races onward, forever yearning

To meet the Lord, Oh Find me worthy

This is my hope, my love, my journey

Rise from the clenches of evil, transgression and sin

From water, my spirit and mind is cleansed once again

Emerging from this pool with regained innocence

Light breaking from a world of darkness

We have encountered the true enlightenment

But why are we here?

Competition is endless, never ceasing to recognize

Our broken backs by the weight to prioritize, specialize and exercise

Held down by the stresses of academic classes, standardized tests & G.P. averages

these expectations hunt us relentless like savages

Peer pressure and loss of self control provide no aid

Paid with blood, sweat and tears just trying to make that grade

How are we expected to overcome all these temptations?

When temptations attack us with no limitations

Relations with mother, father, sister, brother

Prevailing bonds that were supposed to keep us together

Are sometimes broken, demolished, to pieces they’re severed

Towered by nonsensical misconception

Affected by lack of communication and conflicted perceptions

We experience loneliness and fear from deep isolation

Densely weakened by corrupt demoralization

Longing for air but suffocated by disorientation

We have no choice but to question our motivation

Why are we here?

But then everything disappears…

Like the calming sun after the raging storm, it becomes clear

After all the lies, battles, secrets and betrayals

We see the love and compassion of GOD always prevails

We are suddenly uplifted by the sounds of a heavenly symphony

Then you look around and everything is what it seems to be

The sound of beautiful music soaring gracefully

Flows though the air as the choir sings peacefully

The answers to life’s questions in these hymns, you can hear it

Accompanied by the healing comfort and the power of the Holy Spirit

Each angelic voice arises and touches the sky, carrying you thru the clouds

Free from chaos, in humble prayer your head is now bowed

And he hovers beside you

He is seeing you through

He is seeing through you, your heart and your needs

Asking for help to choose the right deeds:

The need to cease a forbidden romance

The need to be granted that second chance

The need to fulfill one’s duty and to worship him

And so I pray, with thoughts of those who went before me

The Bible speaks the path I must take through his people’s stories:

Like Moses parted the ocean, let me part the light from the dark

Help me build my faith so strong like how Noah built the ark

To find truth like the ascending angel stayed doubtless in his search

A solid foundation, like Christ’s rock, upon which he built his church

No matter what we ALL encounter trials b/c our battles remain the same

It is the devil that hunts for you like how a hunter hunts for game

No matter how rough and wicked he makes this world to be

It is our faith that guides us through his savagery

Only with God’s help we can succeed

In living in this world, we must proceed

To rely on what he can do because he is the source of all things

He’ll uplift you from problems, you’ll think you’ve got wings

Growing tired and weary he is our adrenalin run

The Lord and our God represents the morning sun

Shining down in darkness of the land

We all hope to still be the grain of sand in God’s hand

Letting not one thing hinder our pace

Nothing else matters than to finish our race

B/c the path is narrow, the point is turning

Our “knowledge” speaks out, but our faith is learning

Races onward, forever yearning

This is OUR hope, OUR love, OUR journey

The day of the Lord is upon us, its near

Until then let’s remember

This is why we are here

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