3 Major Secrets From the Most Successful Women in Business

In honor of the recently released film, Wonder Woman, I wanted today's post to be about the victories of women who are just kicking ass in the work field. Last month, there was a launch of an important and powerful organization that advocates for female entrepreneurship, leadership, equality and support. Women, Wine & Wisdom branches … Continue reading 3 Major Secrets From the Most Successful Women in Business

5 Ways to Sign Up for a Heartbreak

Just like an annoying cold, catching feelings can be unpredictable, and at times toxic especially if you didn't see it coming. However, our humanistic ways keep us trapped in these unwanted emotions and sometimes you just can't help how you feel. Sadly, reality isn't like a Nicholas Sparks movie where the guy  still stuck around and built you … Continue reading 5 Ways to Sign Up for a Heartbreak

Identity vs. Role – One step towards Success

I attended a sales training seminar for work. During the lecture, I had learned that there are two factors that affect the way we perceive ourselves. What I also learned is that perception plays a big role in how we strive for success. Now, mind you that in the context of the seminar, these two … Continue reading Identity vs. Role – One step towards Success

Because great c…

Because great copy -- copy that sells, copy that moves people -- appeals to both sides of the brain. Both logic and emoion. - Pamela Wilson #bigbrandsystem #copywriting #marketingwisdomFor all you fellow marketing folks out there, here are some words of wisdom from Pamela Wilson, a notable and award winning market consultant and graphic designer. … Continue reading Because great c…

Ed Sheeran’s last stop

The Nokia theater at LA Live was packed. Teenage girls were dressed up as fairies, pirates and other random costumes since today was Ed Sheeran's birthday. One guy even had a storm trooper costume. Once the lights dimmed, piercing screams from the mouths of thirteen and fourteen year olds made me clamp my hands over … Continue reading Ed Sheeran’s last stop

Biking at Hyde park!


Met and hung out with new amazing people! Good company = Good times =)

Wales Weekend

Saturday June 23, 2012 That weekend I left the the hustle and bustle of London and ventured off in to the country of Wales (Princess Diana!) Our double decker bus drove out of the twisted and busy streets of the city and entered the motorway (freeway) that transformed the scenery. We passed by lush green … Continue reading Wales Weekend

My after class escapade

(Warning this post has a lot of pictures) So by day 2 of my trip, I actually got used to the tube stations. I was able to catch a ride with someone in the morning to class, but after that, I was on my own taking the different lines to different stops to places I … Continue reading My after class escapade


 Seriously, I cannot believe that I'm in London right now, by myself, with out my family in another country. My apologies for not blogging yesterday, I didn't have my international plug to charger for my computer and I was still pretty jet lagged. Upon arriving to this beautiful city I was a little nervous. I … Continue reading Surreal