Pro Woman’s Volleyball XXX Summer Olympics

Japan vs. Serbia As the bleachers filled up with excited spectators, the center of Earl’s Court Stadium in London, England had the privilege to host the women’s preliminary volleyball match. It was day one of the XXX Summer Olympics and the air was filled with anticipation. As the volleyballs rolled out, team Japan and team … Continue reading Pro Woman’s Volleyball XXX Summer Olympics

Boat Cruise on the Thames River

To mark the end of the first session of the study abroad program, the Education Study Abroad program gave us a free boat cruise around the Thames River! Right as I got off the Tower Hill tube station, the tower of london was there to greet me. Despite the rain and clouds earlier that day, the … Continue reading Boat Cruise on the Thames River

Biking at Hyde park!

Met and hung out with new amazing people! Good company = Good times =)

My after class escapade

(Warning this post has a lot of pictures) So by day 2 of my trip, I actually got used to the tube stations. I was able to catch a ride with someone in the morning to class, but after that, I was on my own taking the different lines to different stops to places I … Continue reading My after class escapade


 Seriously, I cannot believe that I'm in London right now, by myself, with out my family in another country. My apologies for not blogging yesterday, I didn't have my international plug to charger for my computer and I was still pretty jet lagged. Upon arriving to this beautiful city I was a little nervous. I … Continue reading Surreal