Boat Cruise on the Thames River

To mark the end of the first session of the study abroad program, the Education Study Abroad program gave us a free boat cruise around the Thames River!

Right as I got off the Tower Hill tube station, the tower of london was there to greet me. Despite the rain and clouds earlier that day, the weather cleared up by the time everyone was on board the boat and we left the dock. It was perfect. We got to see all of London’s famous landmarks and buildings from the river’s perspective. The food wasn’t bad either! They served us chicken, sandwiches, potato wedges, shrimp and for dessert: fudge brownies!

As we traveled down the river we went under the Tower Bridge that held the Olympic rings to represent the 2012 summer games. We sailed toward the London Eye and Big Ben, then we cruised back and passed by the tall sky scrapers of the Financial District. There was a DJ on the boat with a bar tender and the night was filled with great music and good vibes =)








sorry about the bad quality pics, I took all of this on my iphone! But yeah I can’t believe half of my time here is already over! I have a lot more pictures and blogs to update from the last three weeks. I feel like it’s going by way too fast! I’ve done so much but I feel like there’s so much more to do! I’m seriously falling in love with this city. I wish I had more time here,

Till next time!


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