The Most Genuine Love Story – And it’s Not A Fairy tale

A while back I had posted a spoken word video that deeply touched me. Janette Ikz performed the poem "I Will Wait for You" and each word struck me with honesty and understanding. She defined what it means to have value and respect every woman should have for herself. She set the bar for standards, while … Continue reading The Most Genuine Love Story – And it’s Not A Fairy tale

Elite Daily Contribute Writer

So excited to share my published article on Elite Daily! Elite Daily is a well established online news/ media platform that provides articles about the latest trends and on goings of today's generation. I wanted to share my insights to other people, other than my boyfriend, family or friends that probably are sick to death hearing my … Continue reading Elite Daily Contribute Writer

Above the Ship Wreck

My favorite poet, Sarah Kay and her poem "Ghost Ship" from her latest book No Matter the Wreckage had inspired me to express how I deal with the "ship wrecks" of my life. Her witty lines and illustrative lyrics encouraged me to share how my spirituality and religious beliefs give me the superhuman energy to … Continue reading Above the Ship Wreck

The Ride

Spoken Word- Centennial Audition “The Ride” Hi. There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you/ But before I ask you, I’m going to dive into the inner workings of your mind, And compare them to mine/ Now I get it, we do things differently/ We have different morals, values and priorities/ We have different definitions … Continue reading The Ride

“It’s scary lea…

"It's scary leap when you have no idea if you're going to fall or fly. But one thing about believing in something greater than yourself is that you may not know the answer of HOW or WHERE, but there is a higher entity that has the power to create a safe landing pad if you … Continue reading “It’s scary lea…

The Pursuit of Balance

"What is your most desirable ambition in life?" I feel that the most common answer would be, "to be successful." But as society continues to let wealth and money dictate the measurement of success, everyone has different ways of achieving, let alone, defining it. But when asked the question again, how many times have you … Continue reading The Pursuit of Balance

Identity vs. Role – One step towards Success

I attended a sales training seminar for work. During the lecture, I had learned that there are two factors that affect the way we perceive ourselves. What I also learned is that perception plays a big role in how we strive for success. Now, mind you that in the context of the seminar, these two … Continue reading Identity vs. Role – One step towards Success

Because great c…

Because great copy -- copy that sells, copy that moves people -- appeals to both sides of the brain. Both logic and emoion. - Pamela Wilson #bigbrandsystem #copywriting #marketingwisdomFor all you fellow marketing folks out there, here are some words of wisdom from Pamela Wilson, a notable and award winning market consultant and graphic designer. … Continue reading Because great c…

5 ways to survive your Post-grad crisis

A very brief catch up session with a dear friend of mine sparked my longing to blog again. I know I rarely post anything (which I'm trying to change), but today's conversation gave me the inspiration for tonight's post. Now, mind you, that I actually have had the same conversation with at least two other … Continue reading 5 ways to survive your Post-grad crisis

Why We are Here

So this was my very first spoken word poem attempt. My church held a speech contest among the congregations in Southern California and the winner had the opportunity to speak at the high school recognition night reception. I know this is another religion poem, but I hope you all enjoy. I found it hard to … Continue reading Why We are Here