The Most Genuine Love Story – And it’s Not A Fairy tale

A while back I had posted a spoken word video that deeply touched me. Janette Ikz performed the poem “I Will Wait for You” and each word struck me with honesty and understanding. She defined what it means to have value and respect every woman should have for herself. She set the bar for standards, while she replaced fairy tale fantasies of a girl with raw realities of a woman. Each punch line and verse delivered had illustrated her trust in her faith; that she will be provided an answer to what she was looking for if she patiently waited. And that’s what she did. Two years later, we see her in a white gown in front of the answer she’d been waiting for. And instead of reciting traditional vows, she gives a memorable sequel to the poem that had touched so many pain-stricken hearts.

There’s hope for those who struggle, there’s healing for those who are wounded, and there’s answers for those who trust.

See the video here:

The Most Honest Wedding Vow You’ll Ever See


First Poem:


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