How You Can Promote Yourself & Grow Your Network

We live in an era where we are constantly competing against like-minded people who are trying to, as ironic as it sounds, stand out and be different. How can one compete with others who are trying to do the same thing? How can you stand out among thousands of applicants, business starters or entrepreneurs? It all boils down to your network. A successful CEO had once told me, “your NETWORK is your NET WORTH.” A person could be qualified to do anything and everything under the sun, but if that person doesn’t know or care to know anyone, chances are that they’ll have a harder time than someone willing to establish a relationship with others. Just look at today’s office environments, companies are moving towards open concept layouts that foster collaboration.

So now that we had identified how important personal connections are, how do we obtain them? We also live in an era where technology and social networks have kept us glued to our blue screens. Introductions look like a “new friend” notification on Facebook or a “new follower” on Twitter rather than a handshake. Interactions have turned into text messages, emails, (emojis even!) rather than face to face conversations. So, how you ask? NETWORK. And I’m talking about actually walking up to a live person and sticking out your hand to someone without any idea of the their likes, dislikes, situation or intention. Yeah, sounds scary doesn’t it? Again, social media has turned us into lazy creepers, in which we get information through “profile stalking” instead of interactions. Where can you practice this face to face experience? Believe it or not, there are organizations that provide these opportunities, you just have to be open to find them.

Silicon Beach Young Professionals is that exact organization. Silicon Beach builds creative, innovative and aspiring communities of the most influential professionals within Southern California. Originating in Santa Monica, this group has expanded to other parts of Los Angeles, Orange County and even in San Diego. They host monthly networking mixers to foster opportunities for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and those who just want to grow their personal development. The only requirements for members are that they just need to be open and willing to network. With over 40,000 members, they continue to grow every month with other like minded tech professionals looking to expand their contacts. Sponsors of this growing organization include, Google, HYBORN, STATAS and more. >>Learn more here.



Grow your network by checking out a Tech mixer & networking event. If you feel awkward (as most events are) about going to these things learn to overcome the feeling. At the end of the day, the connections you make will benefit you later on. The more open you are to learn about other people, the more others will gravitate towards you. Before you know it, golden opportunities will gravitate towards you as well.

Interested in attending a Silicon Beach YP OC event? Join us next month!

OCTech Startup Mixer & Networking Event

May 18 | 6PM – 9PM | The Vine OC


Follow us on social media to get the latest updates on upcoming mixers! (Oh the irony – This isn’t an introduction, this is for informational purposes! Meet us in person at the event lol)

Facebook Group/OCTech



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