S.O. Celebrating 30 at Joshua Tree

This post is dedicated to a very special man. My S.O., my best friend, my love (aka boyfriend) celebrated his 30th birthday last month. To celebrate, I planned a small weekend getaway with some friends. He is a man that appreciates and enjoys the great outdoors, therefore I had planned our mini staycation to one of his favorite places for outdoor escapades – Joshua Tree. Normally he would’ve just driven out to the national park all geared up and picked a spot to hitch his tent. However, since we had a handful of unprepared companions joining us, I decided to book an airbnb.


He was no longer in the greater years of his twenties so I wanted his 30th to be very special. The airbnb was super close to the entrance of the national park with a beautiful panoramic view of Yucca Valley and surrounding terrain. The neighborhood sat among winding dirt roads which gave my jeep a fun, mild off-roading excursion. The house itself was a modern desert home that seemed to have just come out of a Pinterest board. I am convinced that the host is a professional interior decorator because every inch was stylistically curated with boho/ southwestern beauty. Every mantle and corner was adorned with crystals, incense and sage. Textured rugs, throw blankets and artwork created a very organic and earthy vibe. The open floor plan was roomy yet cozy despite the 30 degree weather outside. And the amenities! The kitchen was fully equipped aside from food. There was a game room that had corn hole, a ping pong table and various board games. Even though this home was in the middle of nowhere, you couldn’t possibly get bored.


The national park was only about a 15 minute drive away. Along the drive we swept by thousands of Joshua trees that seemed to have sprouted from a Dr. Seuss book. We started to see large boulders where daring rock climbers and adventurers ascended. We made our way to the Barker Dam trail which was short but took us through beautiful scenery. One mile took us to a worn out dam with dirty black water, but surrounding it were massive rocks and boulders. Many visitors were climbing and roaming like it was a huge jungle gym. We hiked up a summit point that overlooked the dam and large area of the park. The climb was moderate as we were crawling up 45 degree angles so we could get to a good look out spot. The hike was worth it.


Trips like these are my favorite. Sometimes I take for granted living in Southern California where magical places like Joshua Tree are only a couple hours drive away. Even though we didn’t camp and truly experience the outdoors in its entirety, spaces like this airbnb still made this getaway experience very relaxing and enjoyable. Late night shenanigans, early morning talks watching the sun rise, off-roading & hiking adventures and quality time with loved ones were some of the most memorable things that made a perfect conclusion to 2018.

Until next time…

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