Visual Expectations of Havasupai, AZ

It’s sad that it’s taken me a month to post about this place (I blame school & work), but in actuality, pictures don’t really do this place justice.

Havasupai, Arizona.

It’s either a vast art gallery of nature’s work or a detail of our ultimate creator’s great masterpiece (where ever your beliefs lie).

Havasupai is a Native American Reservation engulfed within the magnificent Grand Canyon. To preserve its natural beauty and serenity, each year the Supai tribe releases a limited amount of permits to eager travelers, making it a privilege to visit. Adventurers hike 10+ miles through rough terrain, winding switchbacks, caves and gorges to find an oasis of water falls within its ravines. Rather than write about my getaway (which is something I usually do), I’ve compiled some of my favorite photos that does all the talking.

IMG_1468The switchback
IMG_1474The hike through the canyon
IMG_1546The trail to Mooney Falls
IMG_1572The water trek to Beaver Falls
IMG_1603The Top of Beaver Falls
IMG_1724The lead up
IMG_1792The gorge within the canyon
save-new 2The hike to the village
save-new 3The backpacking adventure
save-new 4The view of Havasu Falls
save-new 5The view from the bottom of Havasu Falls
save-new 6The descent down to Mooney Falls
save-new 7The view from the rocks
save-new 8The chains & ladders
save-new 9The view from the water trail
save-new 10The hike & view from the top
save-new 11The top sign of Beaver Falls
save-new 12The one with heights
save-new 13The hike back up
save-new 14The trail the travelers take
save-new 15The majestic Mooney Falls
save-new 16The second shot is just as beautiful
save-newThe land of beauty and unknown

As I said before, pictures are not enough. This experience had humbled me and opened my eyes to the beauty our “own backyard” has to offer.

Till’ the next adventure!

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