There are planners, there are doers… then there are both

I’m dusting off the cob webs and dust in here because I know it’s been awhile since I posted! But I do have some pretty interesting stuff to share and a validated reason why I haven’t been posting. Early/ mid last year I had started freelance event coordinating with a company called Happily, Inc. I was an assistant events coordinator, where I helped producers and lead event planners execute a variety of events, whether it’d be large corporate ones or smaller social gatherings and weddings. Event planning was something I’ve always gotten stuck with in one shape or form since high school. It was that and writing. So then I thought, why not write about something that had seemingly become one of my passions in life. EVENTS! Last quarter of 2017 I was contacted by a lead event planner from Happily, Inc. who had decided to create her own business. This is when I got in the mix with Christine Garrison from CMG Events. I had assisted her in a couple of weddings and immediately clicked with her and her team.

Squeezing a bit of my resume in here, I have been managing corporate events for my father’s IT business for about 4 years. All of last year I had also coordinated a young professional networking mixer each month. Events in a professional and company setting was something that I had developed concrete experience in. Weddings were a whole other story. There is so much more to it than making sure the bride gets down the aisle and that the cake is cut at the reception. Every little detail needs to be addressed and managed. There’s flowers, linens, photography schedules, center pieces, DJ playlists, best man and MOH speeches, and much much more. Despite the overwhelmingly amount of pressure that comes with making sure this couple gets their once-in-a-lifetime celebration and making sure it’s the most memorable night of their entire lives… it’s actually all worth it. Plus I quite literally enjoy it all. The challenges, the stress, the aching feet… all of it. Because for some reason, I truly think it’s loads of fun, especially when you see people celebrating life and love in a world that needs more of just that.

So with that, I’m super excited and honored to announce that I’ll be continuing this side-hustling journey as I’ve become an official freelance events assistant for Events by CMG. It’s here that I’ve also decided to share my experiences with all of you. I want to share the most beautiful venues, creative decorations and the most amazing vendors & people along the way. Earlier this month Christine was so generous enough to book us a mini photo shoot in a hidden gem of a studio nestled in downtown L.A. Not only did the bohemian chic decor distract me from the fact that I was probably posing awkwardly, but the girls that I met were extremely fun to be around. I’m beyond excited to be working with these smart, positive, and hard working women! Below is a little peak of our fun Sunday morning:

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All this magic is credited to:

Photography: Simplyadriphotography

Studio found by: PeerSpace

Settings: Party Pleasers Event Rental Co.

And of course, Events by CMG

I’ll also post other adventures from my current job at MR2 Solutions and with other lead event planners I come across.  Keep on a look out for more posts in the lifestyle section of my blog!



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