3 Major Secrets From the Most Successful Women in Business

In honor of the recently released film, Wonder Woman, I wanted today’s post to be about the victories of women who are just kicking ass in the work field. Last month, there was a launch of an important and powerful organization that advocates for female entrepreneurship, leadership, equality and support. Women, Wine & Wisdom branches from, Silicon Beach Young Professionals, whose purpose is to connect like-minded individuals through social and professional networking events.

While stories of male super heroes revolved around fighting for vengeance and power, Wonder Woman fought for truth, justice and courage. Those traits reminded me of the qualities I had observed from the women panelists at the The Ambitious Woman event launched by this organization. Rather than letting gender roles and obstacles hinder them from their goals, these women fought on with determination, grit and tenacity to achieve success, whatever that may be for them. Below are snippets of key advice that continue to resonate with their audience, and not just women…


1.) Take as much risks as you can

 – Rachel Payne, CEO | Fem, INC.


2.) Capitalize on your passion

Maile Pacheco, Founder | BeGlammed



3.)  Build a support system


Other Panelists:

Tracie Maffei, Head of Industry, Retail | Google


Jennifer Song, President | Tobi

Justine Lassoff, Co-founder | Love Goodly


Definitely looking forward to the next one! MORE INFO HERE

One thought

  1. Yaaaaassss! I love your choice of words. I am all about this. You couldn’t have said it any better.#GirlPower Building a support system has been amazing with the power of women bloggers online.

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