“I Will Wait For You” by Janette Ikz

Janette is a poet that speaks truth. She talks about an attitude so rare nowadays that it has inspired me to publish it on my blog. I posted this because I believe her message is powerful and important. I’ve seen so many women throw away their values and morals just because they want to conform to society. They sacrifice their dignity just so they can satisfy their synthetic desires. I say “synthetic” because what some of these women really want isn’t real. You see, I think this world has molded what we want, from TV shows, movies, and magazines. It’s so hard to determine what’s important to you from all these things telling you what is normal or acceptable and what isn’t. Women get so lost in it, they lose themselves. And with that they lose their strength. Their strength to be different. As they strip away their clothes, they strip away their worth. And a woman’s worth is only valued by how much she sees herself. So ladies, keep your head, heels and standards high, because you deserve it. Value yourself. Because no one else will if you don’t.

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